Navigo3 includes features common to software of its kind. However, Navigo wants to be best-in-class software and methodology, it offers many unique features dedicated to job results prediction and financial and capacity planning. These features, together with long-term know-how, help you increase the efficiency of each project. The agile development team can also quickly improve Navigo3 to reflect user suggestions.


  • Dashboard - the homepage of Navigo3
  • Notification center
  • Imminent tasks
  • Current projects
  • Workload chart


  • Calendar view - simple time logging
  • Table view - immediate overview of reported work


  • Receivable invoices - billing tool without accounting software
  • Payable invoices - costs under control
  • Cash register
  • Cash flow - by milestones
  • Project statistics - financial evaluation
  • Reports - custom made reports as required


  • Invoices - two-way synchronization of invoices with accounting software
  • Attendance system - all Navigo3 needs is the number of hours to compare with timesheet
  • Contacts - contacts synchronization with your server


  • Thermometer - Kubosch chart
  • Work report - timesheets or by type of work
  • Tasks and Notes - what not to forget
  • Financial plan - gross margin, subcontracts, in-house work, allocations
  • Milestones and cashflow - deadlines and finances
  • Billing - received and issued invoices, approval procedure
  • Employee utilization - temperature map of workload across the company, detailed charts for specific employees


  • Contacts - addresses, people, phones, email addresses
  • Tasks and notes - meeting minutes and next steps
  • Categories - sorting by user tags

Business Intelligence

  • Evaluation - data view from different angles and dimensions.
  • Trends - find trends in business, projects and employee performance


  • Attachements types – file, reference to web, text, path to files
  • Authorised users – user rights based on roles
  • Security – encrypted storage

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