Integrations and imports


Some of the most common integrations of Navigo3 are connection with accounting, ERP, attendance, DMS, CRM or log book. We have experience with losts of commonly available software packages, but we can also integrate with customer’ s systems. All you have to do is pick up a phone and we will go through the specific case with you. Many of the integrations are already pre-fabricated, for example:

  • POHODA/POHODA SQL – accepted and issued invoices with payments
  • HELIOS Orange – accepted and issued invoices with payments + reports
  • RON – absences and attendance
  • Fio banka – creation of payment orders, regular payments
  • Money – accepted and issued invoices with payments
  • Alveno – Absences and attendance
  • Excel – export and import

Navigo3 can also be used without any integration with any other system. Only thing that has to be done is to manually transfer accepted invoices from and to the accounting. At the reasonable number of invoices it is manageable and this duality can also be used for better control. Integration can easily be solved like this.

Import of data from a different system

It is possible to import the data to navigo from your current system. You will arrange the particular conditions of the transfer with our consultants. Some systems with which we have experience:

  • Excel – export format of many different programs
  • SIMA
  • Iresoft IZIO
  • SAP


Navigo offers HTTP API which covers most of the Navigo’ s functionality. For instance, it is possible to import and acquire data about the projects, reports, allocations, subcontracts, invoices etc. Thanks to that you can connect the Navigo to your own systems by yourself ( if you have a handy administrator ), or use the help from our side ( your IT contractor).