Contacts and suggestions from ARES (register of economic entities)

In Navigo you can save and manage all your contacts on your existing or potential employers. Contacts in navigo do not work just like an address book, contact is automatically assigned to the project when created. Chart of all the realized projects will then be displayed at the specific client. You can also find there the information from the Journal or Tasks related to the client. If you edit the information of a specific contact, this change will automatically register everywhere.

There is a suggestions feature which works by a name of a company, VAT or Tax ID from domestic but also European registers. Contacts can be marked with categories and then you can filter between them with ease according to the most diverse parameters, for instance: subcontractors or customers. They can also be used to fill the template for cover letter.

Addresses inserted in contacts are being automatically displayed in Google maps and they allow to turn on the navigation in your phone right from the Navigo.