Navigo3 has no implementation and no licence costs. You pay only a monthly fee per user and modules. Your Navigo fee will be back as soon as you save an hour of work per month or you shorten your meetings.


Business Enterprise Unlimited


+ basic monthly fee €80

from 10 users an individual offer


+ basic monthly fee €160

from 30 users an individual offer


+ basic monthly fee €240

from 50 users an individual offer

Max. number of open projects 150 300 unlimited
Timesheet, Invoices, Plan      
Tasks, Notes, CRM      
Capacity plan    
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)    
Business Intelligence  
Tailored-made Reports   template creation fee  
Groupware contacts integration   individually   individually
Attendance system integration   individually   individually
Invoices integration
(import / online integration)
LDAP integration   individually
Support 5/8   only email    
+ quarterly consultation
and free system calibration assistance
Multiple Backups      
Attachements*   + €0,20/GB   + €0,20/GB   + €0,20/GB

* First 1 GB is free of charge for testing. 2 GB of data traffic per each stored GB is included in price. In case of
exceeding individual terms will be offered.

You can find Terms of Service here.