All Navigo customers report higher profits compared to Navigo costs.

from 22 EUR*
per user per month

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* You will be charged the same price per each user. The price is determined by following factors: the number of users using Navigo as main working tool versus the number of users just reporting work; the level of feature utilization; the quantity and complexity of Additional solutions and others. For specific pricing quote, please contact our business department.

What will you get from us?

  • The full version of Navigo and regular updates without any additional fees.
  • Hassle-free operation, maintenance and backup, with absolutely reliable user support.
  • Free packages Let’s get started with Navigo! and Tips and Tricks for Navigo.
  • Ability to resolve issues via video conference with shared screen.
  • Interest in specific problems of your company and willingness to find solutions for them in Navigo.
  • The first GB of storage is free.

What is not included in this price?

  • Consulting work (programming, training, basic analysis) 70 EUR/hour.
  • Consulting work (processes design, know-how transfer, advanced analysis) 105 EUR/hour.
  • Additional storage space for attachments 0.2 EUR/GB
  • Travel costs and time spent on the road 0.8 EUR/km

These prices do not include VAT. Detailed information about the operation of Navigo here, the rules follow the General Terms and Conditions..

We help those who help

We offer Navigo to non-profit organizations for free use. Basic training specialized for non-profit organizations is free.