System architecture

Deploying to your company can be done within a few days. Without unnecessary worries about system administration, backups, and security. Navigo3 integrates easily into existing infrastructure and business processes.

Deployment into a company

Navigo3 – Software as a Service

Navigo3 is a cloud information system delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The customer pays only a monthly fee and does not have to bear most of the implementation, operating and ownership costs. For example, hardware cost, internet connection, administrator cost etc. The development of new Navigo3 features is also included in the fee. And boy, is it developing!

Navigo3 in one day

We will setup your own Navigo3 instance within one day. Just a little bit of basic data and you can start working. Integration with other information systems can be added later with no problem. When migrating from another system, we can also import your data to Navigo3 to ensure continuity and fast startup.

We do not change all systems

Our philosophy is “do not change what works”. Navigo3 is a specialized product for project management. We do not need to replace existing accounting software, ERP, CRM etc. Keep using the systems that suit you. Navigo3 seamlessly joins them.

Even out of our cloud – private cloud or on-premises solution

For customers who do not want to put their data in the cloud, we can offer an installation on their hardware. (On-premises). However, it is necessary to expect significantly higher administration costs.


Our customers trust us with their data and expect us to take good care of them. If we fail, our reputation will suffer. We take security very seriously.

We periodically back up our customer data into two geographically separated repositories. Every month we also conduct a security audit of our servers and backups. Quick installation of security patches is a must.

Our servers run in Amazon datacenters (Amazon Web Services). AWS complies with a large number of international laws, certifications and regulations. This includes for example GDPR, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

We use HTTPS to communicate with all end devices so there is no risk of security leak between the server and the client. So you can work with Navigo3 securely at the Cafe.


Navigo3 often integrates with accounting software, ERP, attendance system, DMS, CRM. We have experience with a number of commonly available software packages, but we can also connect to customer specific systems.

However, Navigo3 can be used without integration with any other system. It is only necessary to manually transfer the invoices to/from your accounting system. In case of reasonable amount of invoices you can handle it and you can used it as a cross-check method.