Architecture of the system

Deployment at the company can be dealt with in matter of few days without unnecessary troubles with administration, file back-ups and security issues. Navigo3 is easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and company’s processes.

Deployment into a company

Navigo3 – software as a service

Navigo3 is cloud based information system offered as a service, so in a form of Software as a Service (SaaS). Customer pays a monthly fee for using and does not have to deal with the most of initial and operational costs. For example costs of hardware, internet connection, administrative fees, etc. There is also development of new functions already included in the price and you can be assured that Navigo3 is developing .

First launch in just one day

We can provide you with access into the Navigo3 in just single day. All you have to do is fill up the essential data and you can start working. Integration with another company’s systems can be dealt with later. When transferring from another system we can also import the data – by doing this we ensure the continuity of data and quick start.

We do not change all the systems

We have a philosophy “do not change it if it works”. Navigo3 is a specialized product for managing the project companies. It does not have an ambition to replace the accounting system, ERP, CRM, and so on. Keep using the systems which suit you. Navigo3 will effortlessly blend-in.

Even out of the cloud

For the customers who cannot or do not want to save their data on the cloud, we can offer the installation on their hardware (On-premises). But it is necessary to account for major increase of administration fees.


Our customers are trusting us with their data and expect us to take a good care of it. If we would have failed, our reputation will suffer. Safety is therefore a great interest of ours. You can learn the details on the web Safety.

Integration, imports and API

At the transfer to Navigo it is possible to import data from the original system. It is also possible to create an integration with the third-party system and prevent the manual data overwriting. You can connect to Navigo also through an API. You can learn more on the web Integrations and imports.