Navigo3 experts will help with increasing your company efficiency. From the rapid deployment of the system in just a few days, through user training to ongoing support. And if you want them as a consultant they will help you improve the methods of project portfolio management.

Workshop: Try Navigo in your company

Are you looking for new system or are you thinking about replacement your existing system? Is the Navigo right choice for you? Select two colleagues (Project Manager and Economist/Accountant) and within two hours you will find out if the Navigo will be useful for you and your projects. You will become familiar with the environment and philisophy of the system. You will try all these main functions:
  • work with contacts, notes,
  • planning projects (inhouse work, subdeliveries…),
  • create tasks, delegating work, allocation to employee,
  • work with Invoices (accepted, issued, cash receipt),
  • timesheet, reporting, search for information.


Working in Navigo3 is easy and intuitive. Training usually takes 2 hours.
  • Project management and planning
  • Navigo3 settings
  • Time tracking


Every company is different. We will help you find the right methodology for managing your business.
  • Processes
  • Invoices approval
  • Project planning

Employee incentives

We have the right arguments and experience gained from many businesses which we can draw from to help you motivate employees resisting work method change. Are you familiar with the following statements?
  • “Time tracking is a waste of time, I then have no time to do the work!”
  • “I don’t want to plan projects, I manage them intuitively!”
  • “The client paid us a lot of money for the project, so it had to be profitable!”


Our consultants will meet your needs and help you set up company processes.

  • Efficient project management
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Customers, suppliers and employees evaluation

Crisis management

In cooperation with crisis managers, we’ll pull your company out of trouble.
  • Enhance the functionality of your ERP or accounting system with Navigo3 visualization and analytics
  • Rapid deployment of Navigo3 for 2 months free to part or the whole company will help you to find the biggest inefficiencies in projects and overhead costs

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