Really efficient projects!

Cover the whole agenda of a project based company by a single tool – from a single project to a project portfolio and the whole company.

You can launch Navigo in 10 minutes and without implementation. All employees will be engaged in project planning and management. You will get exact data for your decisions to decrease the risk and increase your profit.

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Company Management

CEO and CFO receive not only information of abnormal situations but also summary data for company strategic management.

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Project Portfolio Management

Sophisticated charts display crucial data. Project manager can use it for effective cost tracking and prediction.

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CRM and Business Opportunities Management

Clever management of future project opportunities, effective sales directions.

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How Can Navigo3 Help You?

Better project portfolio management

No more non-profitable projects without early warning signs.

Simple financial planning

As detailed plan as needed for each project. Simple project plan in one minute.

Capacity planning

Poor utilisation is a past. Simple chart shows workload for months ahead.

Future revenue and expenses

Fluctuating cash flow is a risk for every project-based company. Overview of key income and expenses.

Business opportunities management

Outlook of future projects. Deal probability and estimated start date.

Current project state and outcome prediction

Early prediction of future results, instead of classic retrospective „accounting“ view.

Our Satisfied Clients

We help manage thousands of projects in companies of all sizes. Navigo3, as a project-based ERP, is mostly used as a primary management system.


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