We will be more than happy to provide a statement or commentary to the company and project management, free and opened companies, relationships between the employers and employees.

We have twenty year of experience with the management of project companies and for the last five years we operate on the principals of a free and open company. We write about the relationship between the employers and employees blog: Are you sure you are not a dogsbody?!?.

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2.6.2020, Brno  Companies can now monitor their weak spots

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Petr Humlíček (*1973 ) Born in Brno where he also studied mathematical informatics on Masaryk University.During his studies he founded his first company, graphic studio Omega design, in which visual styles of companies like Student Agency, RegioJet, Forum2000 or many designs for Česká spořitelna and ombudsman office were created. Later on he came up with an idea of creating a company and project management system for his own personal use, which can predict their future development. This system and methodology is nowadays under the brand Navigo3 being used by many czech and foreign companies.He dedicates his free time to the aviation sports, he also enjoys architecture and renovation of old houses.

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Jaroslav Kuboš (*1982) He comes from Koprivnica, studied information technology on Brno University of Technology. He used to work as a programmer for many advanced companies, for example: MYCRONIC, Amberg Engineering or CloverDX. He is the co-author of the software for project and company management which can predicate its future development, and which is nowadays being used by many czech and foreign companies under the brand: navigo3. He likes to read hard-to-read books, rides his bike and to fool around with his children. He wrote a book about dogsbodies and exploiters, where he humorously describes the encounters of employers and employees and hopes that readers will notice the mirror reflection subtly set in the stories.

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