Clever management of future project opportunities, effective sales directions. High value contract is not enough. Use Navigo3 to keep track of every business opportunity and costs associated with it.

Easy project setup

Setup the opportunity immediately after your meeting with client. Thanks to “chance expectation”, you can focus on bigger fish to fry.

  • Quick setup on your mobile or tablet
  • Cost tracking even for business opportunities phase
  • Business Expectations x Chance

Contacts under control

Notes for each job, next step task and contacts in one place.

  • Keep business opportunities list for each contact
  • Inhouse and external cost tracking of business opportunities
  • Client communication log and task reminders for next steps

Effective business meetings

Shorten your business meetings to increase team productivity. Discuss specific projects with specific managers.

  • View current project progress and costs (current vs. scheduled)
  • Filter project list by manager, customer, job type, value…